Food Pantry work can be divided into two categories; tasks necessary to administer the organization and tasks that need to be done to open the Food Pantry and distribute food.  Administrative tasks are done by the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and other Board Members as needed.  Task Managers do the jobs needed to get the Food Pantry open.


Job Title

Job Description

Estimated Time

Current Volunteer


Perform the various duties required to manage a public charity

1.  Oversee Food Pantry operations, insurance, legal, finances

2.  Complete paperwork required for grants & funding.

3.  Maintain ongoing public relations

4. Plan Food Pantry Board meetings

5. Respond to inquiries about the Food Pantry

6. Insure the Food Pantry is ready and able to open

20 hours a month not counting hours worked when the FP is open.

Bill Yacovissi

Vice president

Assist the President


Tim Lyons


1.                  Perform the normal duties of an organization Treasurer
1.   Receive and deposit the donations

2.                  2.  Write and mail checks to pay the bills

3.                  3.  Reconcile the checking account monthly

4.                  4.  Maintain a monthly financial statement

5.                  5.  Report on finances to the FP Board

About 5 hours a month

Peggi Jones


Perform the normal duties of an organization Secretary

1.  Send acknowledgements for donations

2.  Keep and report minutes of FP Board meetings

3.  Other correspondence as needed

About 7 hours a month

Donna Stiner

Task Managers



Job Title

Job Description

Estimated Time


Baby Food Buyer

Two times each month
1.   Check the inventory of produce and eggs

2.  Place orders for the produce and eggs as needed
3.  Baby food as necessary from the suppliers

 About 2 hours a month

Tim Lyons

Bags Manager

Two times each month
1.   Collect and deliver unprocessed bags to P&P for processing

2.  Pick-up and deliver processed bags to the FP

About 2 hours a month

John Hummel

Bread Pickup and Delivery

Two times a month

1.       Call the bread depot in the morning

2.       That afternoon drive to the bread depot in Mansfield

3.       Sort the bread trays to get 16 to 20 trays full of bread

4.       Deliver the bread trays to the food pantry

5.       Requires a pickup truck, van, or sizable SUV

 About 3 hours a month

 Roughly 2:30 to 4:00 pm each time Friday before Monday openings and Monday before Tuesday openings.

John Hummel

Bakery & Produce Pickup and Delivery

Two times each month

1.       On Pantry Days pick up donations from Weis, Tops, and Dunkin Doughnuts.

2.       Deliver to the Food Pantry

 About 4 hours a month


Karen Morrow

Eggs and Produce

Two times each month

1.       A week before each opening check, the storeroom inventory of produce and eggs.

2.        Order produce and eggs as necessary from the suppliers

 About 2 hours a month

Tim Lyons

Emergency Food Distribution

As needed each month

1.        Be the emergency contact person for Guideline

2.        Meet clients at the Food Pantry

3.       If necessary register clients with the Food Pantry

4.       Distribute food according the household size guidelines

 About 3 hours each month

Bill Yacovissi

Food Buyer

Each week order food for the Food Pantry from the various Food Pantry Suppliers

1.        Periodically check the storeroom inventory

2.        Monthly order food from the State Food Contractor

3.       Weekly order food from the Williamsport Food Bank

4.       As needed order food from Aldi or similar supplier

5.       As needed order tuna and toilet paper from Dollar Store

 About 6 hours a month

Marianne Rice

Menu Planner

Two time each month

1.        Make an inspection of items in the freezers and store room

2.       Make a list of items for each station to distribute on FP days

3.       Post the menu on the refrigerator in the storeroom

 About 2 hours each month

Bill Yacovissi

Trucks & Food Drive Deliveries

Three times each month mostly on Tuesday morning

1.        Unload the delivery truck

2.       Transfer food items to freezers and shelves in store room

3.       Delivery schedule may vary

 About 4 hours a month


Bill Yacovissi

TEFAP Order & Inventory

Each month

1.        Arrange delivery of the TEFAP order

2.       Complete the TEFAP inventory report for the county HSA

 About 3 hours each month

Bill Yacovissi

Volunteer Coordinator

Two time each month

1.  Insure adequate volunteer resources will be available for each opening.

About 3 hours each month

Sandi Griscavage